CARNICOM INSTITUTE: The Horror of Our Times – aka Morgellons

We Do Scientific Research Serving Humanity & the Public Interest

Carnicom Institute: The purpose for which the corporation is organized is to conduct scientific, educational, environmental and health research for the public welfare. This corporation shall also provide educational, scientific, legal, and media support for citizens at national and international levels and within local communities, either individually or collectively, with respect to education, environmental, and health issues that affect the general welfare. (More)

Book: Dreadful “Diseases and Terrible Treatments” Paperback – Jonathan J. Moore, 2017 (Amazon)

Dreadful Diseases and Terrible Treatments covers everything from common complaints to epidemics. Squirming parasites, bursting pustules, rotting limbs, and cascading diarrhea: it’s all depicted here in vivid detail.


Aerosol Crimes by Cliff Carnicom

Produced by Cliff Carnicom in 2005, this extensive video remains a strong resource. Carnicom presents evidence that earth’s atmosphere has been altered by deployments of chemical and biological experiments.


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