LAS VEGAS SHOOTING: The UF Law School Student Who Survived a Gunshot Wound

Following the sensational news of a Las Vegas massacre on Oct 1st, 2017 many facts have emerged that seriously challenge the official media story.  One year later the alleged Route-91 “massacre” is determined by investigators to be a “False Flag”. If participants actually died, it was likely due to accidents, errors in execution or rogue events not related to gunfire from Mandalay Bay.

Jim Fetzer provides a mountain of evidence to support that the Las Vegas shooting was a planned False Flag. Listen to multiple testimonies from surgeons and medical professionals that confirm a recovery from a gunshot wound to the back, involving shattered bones and penetration to the lung requires delicate surgery followed by weeks or months of intensive care.and supportive therapy.

In view of testimony from numerous medical professionals Babik’s 10 day recovery from a gunshot such as that promoted by the media is no less than impossible.

University of Florida Law Student, Kristin Babik is an alleged shooting victim who became a prominent media star.   Babik was a 3rd year student at the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2018.   When Kristin’s name is searched with Google (Kristin Babik) the result reveals numerous interviews and articles that exceed any other victim reportedly shot at the Route 91 event.  Kristin became a virtual “shooting star”.

Babik reportedly sustained a gunshot wound to the back and internal organs from a high velocity bullet that broke her ribs and punctured her lung. Insertion of a chest tube was said to be required to inflate the collapsed lung. It’s beyond miraculous that the photo below shows a cheerful Kristin only 3 days following a high velocity gunshot wound with no evidence of a chest tube.  Recovery is further complicated when the bullet that seared her flesh, bones and lung tissue is said to remain lodged near her spine.  Medical professionals report that recovery from just a traumatic pneumothorax, alone “will usually take 6 to 8 weeks to fully recover.” (Healthline)

Healthline: (traumatic pneumothorax)   A punctured Lung  “will usually take 6 to 8 weeks to fully recover.”

No stranger to Las Vegas, Babik served as an intern at the Las Vegas/Clark County District Attorney’s Office headed by D.A., Steve WolfsonWolfson, a Democrat was appointed D.A. by vote of the Clark County Commission after the resignation of then D.A., David Roger who abruptly resigned in 2011 to represent the Police Protective Association.

After acting as the county’s top law enforcement officer, and after having served on a coroner’s inquest panel and after trying to kill the system in the 2011 legislature, it’s worth being curious as to why Roger abruptly resigned his commission seat in order to take a job with the police union.

If  Kristin – with her internship at the Clark County DA’s office –  knew the Route-91 shooting was a staged event, one could speculate she was compensated for perpetual silence by being promoted as a prominent media star in order that she could collect nearly $30,000 in GoFundme contributions.


ABC Action News 10/2/2017:  Kristin Babik Has a Collapsed Lung and Broken Ribs. People in Gainesville pray for UF law student injured in Las Vegas shooting.


Norah O’Donnell CBS This Morning 10/3/2017: Joseph Ostunio and his friend, Kristin Babik, were in the Las Vegas concert crowd when shots filled the air Sunday night. Ostunio departed from the media narrative when he claimed Babik was hit in the “shoulder”. Ostunio appeared on “CBS This Morning” to recount what he witnessed when a gunman reportedly opened fire from Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip.

Notice how O’Donnell moves her lips in sync with the script and asks questions to fill-in the missing lines with leading follow-up questions.


Norah O’Donnell – ABC Action News 10/4/2017: More than 500 people were reportedly injured in Sunday’s Las Vegas mass shooting and about one quarter of them are still hospitalized. Kristin Babik was wounded as the crowd of 22,000 people began running in terror. Norah O’Donnell spoke with Babik in the hospital.

Notice how O’Donnell wipes a dry tear and holds Kristin’s hand for dramatic effect. Later she uses the word “conflate” in place of “inflate” – A Freudian slip.


WUFT 10/11/2017: UF Law student Kristin Babik was shot at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. After three days in the hospital, she’s back in Gainesville. WUFT’s David Jones sat down with Babik and has her story.

A bullet that entered Kristin’s back was reportedly never surgically removed and remains lodged next to her spine. Despite this, we see no sign of disability or loss of motion due to catastrophic injury by an automatic machine gun reportedly fired from Mandalay Bay. We see no wheel chair or medical appliances that would be expected with the serious trauma of broken ribs and recovery from a punctured lung suffered only ten days prior to this interview. This story of such miraculous recovery from such a serious gunshot wound is a medical absurdity.


A call from Babik’s mother claiming she got a call from a “respiratory therapist”. — Mom says: “I want to give her a big hug but she’s got a chest tube in so I’ll probably just give her a big kiss on the forehead”.


WKMG News 10/11/2017: A University of Florida law student who has a bullet still “lodged in her back” as a result of the mass shooting in Las Vegas says it’s going to take a while for her life to return to normal.

Notice the first interview the day after the shooting with no sign of a chest tube.


“Media Claim Recovery Could Take Months”. Kristin says bullet will stay in her back. Doctors cannot remove the bullet yet Kristin sat for an interview on her return to Gainesville with no visible disabilities, full range of motion and no wheel chair.


Kristin posts new Facebook profile picture 8 days after being hospitalized with alleged gunshot injuries that include a traumatic pneumothorax, broken ribs and bullet lodged in her back that Las Vegas doctor claim cannot be removed.


Kristin in Las Vegas in July, 2017. Linkedin documents confirm Kristin served an internship at the Clark County DA’s office during June and July, 2017

Kristin Babik Linkedin Archive (PDF)


The Florida Bar – A 10/4/2017 CBS article featuring Kristin’s friend, Joseph Ostunio, interviewed by Norah O’Donnell is “pinned” at the top of The Florida Bar facebook page.

Kristin Babik’s Youtube Enterprises (2011)

Kristin Babik Facebook


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