COUNTDOWN: The Best of Keith Olbermann (Videos)

“Countdown with Keith Olbermann” was an hour-long weeknight news and political commentary program hosted by Keith Olbermann that aired on MSNBC from 2003–2011. The show presented five selected news stories of the day, with commentary by Olbermann and guest interviews

Much of his commentary was critical of republicans and conservative politics but Olbermann frequently called out democrats on issues when they voted to undermine the constitution.  Conservatives and liberals who knew 9/11 was a false flag tuned in to see if Olbermann would dare suggest that Bush, the Zionist neocons and complicit liberals were behind it.

Following the surprise election of Donald Trump as president, many informed voters were deliberately mis-labeled as “right-wing” by the deep state media. This group of enlighted voter tends to agree, in retrospect, with Olbermann’s criticism of the neocon conservative model but have also come to despise the deep state criminal activities within the democrat party. As a result we watch the growth of an informed electorate who are increasingly registering as “independent” –  walking away from the dogma and corruption of both political parties.

(See Wiki Keith Olbermann)


Kiss the Bill of Rights Goodbye

Our criminal Congress passed GW Bush’s ” Military Commissions Act of 2006″, (H.R. 6166)  This legislation eliminated the centuries old requirement of Habeas Corpus. Olbermann goes into graphic detail demonstrating how the Bill of Rights has been completely rendered obsolete.

ACLU agrees:  “In the final hours before adjourning in 2006, Congress passed and the president signed the Military Commissions Act (MCA). In doing so, they cast aside the Constitution and the principle of habeas corpus, which protects against unlawful and indefinite imprisonment. They also gave the president absolute power to designate enemy combatants, and to set his own definitions for torture.” (More)



Supreme Court Under John Roberts Grants First Amendment Rights to Corporations That Have No Heart Beat or Birth Certificates.

Comments on “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” under Chief Justice John Roberts. In Nov., 2018 Roberts presented a ridiculous challenge to Pres. Trumps correct assertion that certain judges in the 9th district were “Obama judges”.

Marc Thiessen: “If we do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, then why did Senate Republicans block President Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia in the final year of Obama’s term?  And why did Democrats filibuster Trump’s nominee, Neil Gorsuch, to fill Scalia’s seat?” (More)

Citizens United v. Federal Election Comm’n, 558 U.S. 310 (2010) (Source)

The Pro-Money Court: How the Roberts Supreme Court Dismantled Campaign Finance Law

The Dissenting Opinion: Justice Souter: “Neither Congress’s decisions nor our own have understood the corrupting influence of money in politics as being limited to outright bribery or discrete quid pro quo; campaign finance reform has instead consistently focused on the more pervasive distortion of electoral institutions by concentrated wealth, on the special access and guaranteed favor that sap the representative integrity of American government and defy public confidence in its institutions.”

The Result: By rejecting Congress’s decision to regulate political spending, the Court encouraged the creation of more and more political ads that circumvent campaign finance law by leaving out “magic words” such as “vote for” or “vote against.” As any voter who lives in a battleground state knows, these ads now dominate many elections, often funded by shadowy groups that do not reveal their donors. (Brennan Center)


Democrats approve FISA Bill that guts the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution

The FISA Amendments Act Reauthorization Act (H.R. 5949), passed on a 73-23 vote.

ACLU: “It’s a tragic irony that FISA, once passed to protect Americans from warrantless government surveillance, has mutated into its polar opposite due to the FISA Amendments Act,” said Michelle Richardson, legislative counsel at the ACLU. “The Bush administration’s program of warrantless wiretapping, once considered a radical threat to the Fourth Amendment, has become institutionalized for another five years.” (More)


9/11 Anthrax Conspiracy Excuse to Invade Iraq.

Now deceased, Sen. John McCain appeared on the David Letterman show broadcasting rumors that the Anthrax attacks may have come from IRAQ. (More)

Graeme MacQueen’s thesis is as follows: The criminal anthrax attacks were conducted by a group of conspirators deep within the U.S. government who are linked to, or identical with, the 9/11 perpetrators. Their purpose was to redefine the Cold War into the Global War on Terror and in doing so weaken civil liberties in the United States and attack other nations.

Just coincidentally, throughout the month of October as the anthrax attacks became public, the Bush administration and the mainstream media pushed the claim that Al Qaeda (already accused of 9/11) and Saddam Hussein (slyly implicated by innuendo) were responsible for the anthrax attacks. (More)


‘You are lying Mr. Bush’  Olbermann exposes Bush for lying to the troops when he falsely claimed they would be coming home from Iraq.


ABC Reports Olbermann Back on the Air after being suspended for contributing to democrat political candidates. (TV Guide)


Guest, George Carlin who exposes “professional Christians” as whacky agents of social control.  George says GW Bush will always be remembered as “governor” since he was never really elected as president. Carlin announces sale of his DVD box set of “All My Stuff” a collection of his HBO® specials and more (Amazon)


NBC Reports Olbermann Says Goodbye to Countdown

It may be more than coincidental that the acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast received regulatory approval around the time of Olbermann’s announced departure.(More)


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